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Are menstrual cups for anyone?

Absolutely! As long as you have a vagina. Some of us require slightly smaller ones and some who have given birth, or have heavier periods need a slightly bigger one. Don’t fret when it comes to purchasing a bigger one in the fear that it will be too large. If the guideline suggests it’s right for you, it should be, with very few exceptions. Everyone can master the menstrual cup transition as long as they find the right one.

Wearing a cup sounds like messy business. Is it?

Well, not really. Certainly not more than using other sanitary products. Yes you have to touch your vagina to insert it and remove it, but it’s actually less messy as you remove it while over the toilet or shower.

Will I feel the cup inside me?

When you have the right cup size you shouldn’t feel it at all. If you can, it’s likely that it hasn’t been inserted correctly. Simply remove it and try again. If it is the stem that you can feel, then it should be trimmed with scissors. Most people cut theirs after the first time of using it, once they experienced how it fits within their vagina.

Is it possible for the cup to get lost inside me?

Nope. There’s only one way out and that’s your vagina. The other end is your cervix and the only thing that can get up there is sperm. There is nowhere else for it to go. If you can’t reach it at any point, first of all, don’t panic! Simply use the power of your vaginal muscles to work the cup down low enough to reach, as if you were having a number 2. Once in reach, remove as normal. Just trust the power of your vagina and what it is capable of.

Can the blood backflow?

No. The cervix is an exit only structure. Your period can’t get anywhere except in the cup.

Can people tell if I’m wearing a menstrual cup?

Unless you tell them, no. But we reckon you should boast about your transition to the Bloody Heaven cup for real!

All my sanitary solutions smell. Does this smell too?

No. When blood comes into contact with oxygen i.e. when it drips onto a sanitary pad, it can smell (and we have all experienced it). The only time your blood comes into contact with air when wearing a menstrual cup is when you remove it to empty it out.

How do I choose the right size?

The general rule of thumb is: ‘Size A’ is for under 30’s and who haven’t given birth. “Size B’ is for over 30’s or who have given birth. However, base it around your needs as you know your body best – if you’re age 32, have never given birth and have a fairly ‘normal’ period, go for the Size A. If you’re 22, have really heavy periods, then try Size B. The most important thing is to understand the length of your vagina and this can be met by snipping the stem of the cup to suit your cervical height. The stem isn’t actually a necessary element of the cup, it is just there as a grip if you feel you need it. Some women cut theirs off entirely. Test it first; learn about your lovely bits.

How will I know if I have inserted it in correctly?

When inserted correctly you should be able to feel all around the cup with no pronounced puckering. It should feel like the cup in its moulded form, however it can form slightly to your shape (as we are all different), just no pronounced puckering. Again, if the stem is protruding, trim it. If the actual cup is protruding, then it needs to be placed a tad higher.

Do I need panty liners for backup leakage?

No. What makes the menstrual cup so convenient is that you don’t need any backup, and most people don’t. Although for your own peace of mind, it’s worth wearing a liner the first time you start wearing the menstrual cup just in case it’s not worn right.

How frequently should I empty the cup?

Your cup should be removed and washed at least every 12 hours. For some it is less and you will know, especially during the heavier flows. When you first start using one, it’s worth checking it every 4 hours or so. It’s a great way to really know your body and soon enough you will know how frequently you need to empty it.

Is removing it painful?

It shouldn’t be. It can feel strange at first, as the cup isn’t folded the same way as when it was inserted, but this shouldn’t be painful per se.

Can I insert the cup before my period starts?

Yup! This is one of the wonderful things about it. If you think your period is about to start, just insert it as it will do no harm. It doesn’t absorb your vaginal juices like a tampon does and therefore there is no risk of dryness and discomfort. No leaks and need to ask around nervously if anyone has a tampon!

What age should I start wearing the cup?

There is no restriction on age. It can be used if you’ve just started your period or have used other sanitary options for 20 years of your life so far. It is completely your choice and what you feel comfortable with.

Can I still have sex with the menstrual cup in?

Erm, I wouldn’t. But whatever floats your boat.

Can I use the toilet while wearing a menstrual cup?

Of course. The cup doesn’t cover your wee hole or your poo hole. Go as normal. If you feel the cup has moved slightly after a bowel movement, just nudge it back up.

Can I use the cup during sports activities?

Yes. Running, swimming, yoga and any other exercise is perfectly fine.

I am worried about TSS and tampons. Can menstrual cups cause this too?

No. The list of positives is really never ending with menstrual cups isn’t it?
TSS is caused due to the materials and the breeding ground for bacteria that tampons hold. This condition is not associated with menstrual cups. We recommend reading more about TSS especially if you are still using tampons.

Can I be allergic to the Bloody Heaven Menstrual cup?

No, because it is silicone. Silicone isn’t a form of rubber or latex which some people have allergies to. Avoid latex and rubber cups for this reason. The Bloody Heaven menstrual cup is 100% soft medical grade silicone. 

What if I have a silicone allergy?

Don’t use it. In that case, find a company that do make their cups from rubber or latex.

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