How do I clean my cup?

All you need is soap and water. Wash your cup every 10-12 hours at the least. Use hot water and a soap that won’t be too harsh for your vagina. Ensure the cup is washed of the soap thoroughly before re-inserting.

Should I boil the menstrual cup?

This isn’t necessary as long as you wash them properly. Some people tend to boil before and after their period, but wash with soap and water during their period. If you’d had any infections though it is best to boil it to completely sanitise it against future infections.

How should I boil my cup?

There are a few ways. You can simply put it in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes. We found a tip that suggests you put the cup inside of a metal whisk and then put it in the pot of boiling water. It ensures that the cup is submerged into the water (as it can often float to the top). This also makes it easier to remove from the pot. There is nothing wrong with using the kitchen utensils for this and then for food after you have washed them. Don’t use a dishwasher.

Can I remove menstrual cup stains?

Stains are part and parcel of using a cup. It might not look brand spanking new after its used a few times but there is nothing wrong with it. The Bloody Heaven menstrual cups are colourless, we want to keep it as simple and close to its original state as possible (why add fancy colours when they’re not needed?), and they still eventually stain.

What about when I’m in public?

When you’re not at home or close to your own sink, just remove your cup, pour out the contents and wipe it clean with some toilet paper. Just wash it as usual when you get home.