12 hour protection

The menstrual cup allows up to 12 hours protection (depending on your flow). Of course you can change it as often as you need to, but know that it is safely tucked away in your vagina doing no harm until you're ready to remove it, clean it and re-insert.

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Convenient and easy

As there are no chemicals that affect your vaginal juices, you can insert it before your period starts. The menstrual cup sits lower than a tampon does in your vagina, so you shouldn't feel it when put in correctly.

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Low cost and less landfill waste

The average woman in her lifetime may use 16000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime! Wince! Thats 25 billion bloody products disposed of, globally each year. That's not counting the ones flushed down the toilet, ending up in mouths of marine life. Wince again!

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Vaginal health

Your Vaginal PH and good bacteria stay in place with the menstrual cup. You see, tampons (are not only bleached and full of chemicals) they absorb vaginal fluid along with blood draining those powerful vaginal juices!

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Less odour

Yes you read that right. No one likes to talk about it but we all know it’s there. As the blood isn't exposed to air on its way down there is no menstrual odour. So it's discreet in more ways than one!

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Great alternative

The menstrual cup is a great alternative to your existing sanitary needs. We know the transition can be a little intimidating, but have no fear. Once you get the hang of it you won't even feel it.


What is a menstrual cup? I hear you say…

Basically, it is an alternative to other period products such as sanitary pads and tampons. It is worn inside the vagina, collecting the blood flow instead of absorbing it. Bloody Heaven comes in two sizes and is made from 100% soft medical grade silicone. It’s a great alternative, cheaper, healthier and better for the environment.

  • A great choice

    It’s a great alternative. It is more hygienic, comfortable, cheaper and last up to 12 hours a day!


  • Convenient! (Because who needs the hassle during their period?)

    Insert it before your period even starts. No leaks!

    And it keeps your vagina healthy! As it is not absorbing your period and all the natural juices with it, your vaginal PH and good bacteria stay well in place.

  • Up to 12 hours to do whatever-the-bloody-heaven-you-want!

    Yes, that’s right. Because you aren’t sticking those icky tampons in there; a breeding ground for bacteria. The Bloody Heaven cup is simply collecting your flow, ready to be poured into the toilet and flushed when it’s full.

  • Heavenly smell!

    Ever been paranoid about the menstrual odour when using period pads or a tampon? As the blood is not exposed to air on its way out it doesn’t create that menstrual odour we all have grown to dread.

    So while you’re doing the downward dog in your next yoga sesh, no need to worry about the person behind you taking a whiff of your bits. Bonus!

  • Easy peasy!

    The menstrual cup sits lower in the vagina than a tampon does so no need to push it too far up. And no, it won’t get lost in there or stuck. There’s only one way for it to go and that’s out! You know it’s in correctly because you shouldn’t be able to feel it in there!

  • Save money

    Save your money for other period essentials such as snacks and comfy pajamas.
    According to research, British women spend as much as £18,450 on their period over the course of their lifetime. You only need to replace your Bloody Heaven menstrual cup every few years.
    Thank us later.

    Go girl!

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Planet friendly

The ecological impact of feminine hygiene products: Tampons and sanitary pads are estimated to produce over 100 billion pieces of waste every year. More than 80 per cent of single-use period products contain synthetic materials and plastics. When wrapped in plastic, they can take centuries (YES CENTURIES) to biodegrade, leaving a footprint far beyond the lifespan of the average woman.

Don't just take our word for it...


I was skeptical but I got the hang of it really quickly and I am never looking back!

I can't believe how much money I will save and do my bit for the planet. This should have been around a long time ago. 

I feel like a little rebel walking around with this inside me, like I'm sticking up a silent middle finger to the patriarchy. Just try making me pay for more sanitary products!

Great product! I can carry on with my whole work day without having to think about my period (except when I want a cookie!). 

I've never felt so liberated while on my period!

Surprisingly comfortable! Why hadn't I heard about this before?!